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Lectures and events

Your guests will have a lifetime experience to see the greatest female chess player of all time, to give a lecture, talk on stage or challenge participants on a simultaneous chess exhibition on 20 boards. By request Judit can also be invited to personal consultancy or professional chess training.

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Keynote Speaking Engagement

The international audience has already experienced – including participants at TED – that Judit Polgar is a captivating speaker on stage. Her world famous results and unique personality ensure the absolute credibility and authenticity, thus viewers are captivated hearing about an exemplary career first hand. Based on the experiences learnt in the world of chess, Judit is pleased to share anecdotes, vivid stories and to talk about education and her views on widening children’s perspective, the diversity of chess, as well as questions about gender equality. Is there anyone more reliable on the international scene than her, demonstrating such equal footing?

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Armchair speech

The appearance of respected world star guest raises the buzz of any event. Judit is delightful in conversations, enriched with interesting stories, she can credibly talk about motivation, decision making or about managing crisis situations. Surprise your guests in a dissolved atmosphere, but often a thought-provoking stage conversation or interview.

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Simulatanious chess exhibition

Chess is one of the most passionate sports in the world. Millions of chess fans enjoy the game around the world, regardless of age, gender, social status, faith or political beliefs. You can give chess enthusiasts a lifetime experience to play a game and challenge the world’s greatest female chess player. As part of the event with great atmosphere, the simultaneous chess games are usually followed by a representative reception, where Judit greets the participants with an optional Question-Answer session.

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It is best to learn from the best, you can learn the most from authentic expertise. Judit is glad to take professional training courses, assist in chess preparation, participate in joint training camp, or even customized personal training.

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