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Lectures and events

Spending time with the best female player in chess history could be a lifetime experience, whether in the course of a motivational lecture, online or on-stage „Q and A” session, simultaneous chess game with twenty opponents, exclusive chess training or professional consultancy.

Keynote speaker

The executives of a number of global companies, as well as the international audience of TED have already experienced what a diverse, lively and direct lecturer Judit is.
She is the only female player in chess history to make it to the top 10 in the men's (open) world rankings. Her authenticity is based on her unrivaled achievements and the responsibility she has embraced through playing chess. The audience will be able to hear the first- hand story of an extraordinary career path leading through a number of obstacles, turning points and lessons learned.

  • What challenges did she face, how did she empower herself and manage to achieve outstanding success as a woman in a male-dominated world?
  • How has she maintained her first position in the women's world ranking for 26 years?
  • What goal was she pursuing?
  • Why does chess play an essential part in the education of future generations?

Stage and virtual talk

Featuring an international celebrity makes an event more prestigious. Judit is an open-minded, versatile conversation partner, who colors her ideas with stories and anecdotes from her own life, whether it's about

  • motivation,
  • individual and management-level decision-making,
  • handling crisis situations calmly,
  • creativity and innovation,
  • the relationship between chess and AI.

Whether off or online, surprise your guests with a relaxed, yet deeply thought-provoking conversation. As a closing act, Judit will be happy to reply to individual questions.

Simultaneous chess games

Playing with the best female chess player in the history of the sport, in a relaxed atmosphere will mean the world to the lovers of chess. The game can be followed by a representative reception with Judit’s toast or a Q&A session. Hundreds of millions play chess worldwide. Chess is one of the most passionate sports and, at the same time, it is the greatest players who are the best at hiding their emotions.