Istanbul, Here We Come! - Video blog


Getting ready to fight in Istanbul for Hungary with 2 Olympic Champion titles and five olympic gold medals already in the bag from previous tournament

I am excited about the upcoming Olympiad! The first time I competed in a chess Olympiad was 1988 in Thessaloniki as a child representing Hungary in the women's section. I remember how casual and relaxed I was, it was all so natural. I scored 12.5 out of 13 games being the most successful player of the whole Olympiad! What a memory:)! Hungary won GOLD! Then we (with my sisters Susan, Sofia and Ildiko Madl) repeated the Victory 2 years later in 1990. For the first time in 1994 I was at board N°1 in the" men's " team later on  I played 5 more times in 1996 Yerevan, 2000 Istanbul,  2002 Bled, where we won SILVER MEDAL!!! In 2004 my first child, Oliver was born, which was even more special, than any competition on the world :) In 2006 my daughter arrived :) then I played in 2008 Dresden, and 2010 Khanty-Mansysk.

Now the 40th Chess Olympiad  is going to be held in Istanbul again. I will play on board 3 and this will be the 9th time that I am part of the biggest chess event which is organized every 2 year!

Of course, we aim and dream for a medal, to reach a medal we will have to perform better than our rating expectation, so some of us needs to be in good form or even in great shape!

The Olympiad is going to have 11 rounds which is a big change compare to the Olympiads I played the last century where there were 14 rounds.

We will also have 2  days-off after round 5 and 10 before the last round, so it will give enough relaxation.

Looking forward to the Olympiad it is always great to meet again with lots of friends who I haven't seen for some time!:) Also nice to walk in between the boards and see all the different people whether they are professionals or amateurs but the event is important for every participant for some the success is only if they win a medal and for others is a great success just to be part of it! Anyway, Istanbul, Here we come!