Judit Polgar Chess Foundation

A non-profit foundation established by the greatest woman player in history, GM Judit Polgar, supported by charitable donations.


The mission of the Foundation is to bring all the educational benefits of chess to children in school throughout the world by providing a unique and complex chess curriculum and enrichment programs focusing on the cross curricular links. The Foundation promotes the study of chess as a cognitive learning tool in curricular classes and after-school programs for kindergardens, elementary, middle and high schools, both in the public and private school sectors. In a knowledge based society the winners of tomorrow will be the ones, who are able to dialectic, strategic and tactical thinking and problem solving, all of which can be absorbed by children playing chess. When youngsters play chess they must call upon higher-order thinking skills, analyze actions and consequences, and visualize future possibilities. Instruction in chess during the early stage of their education will enable pupils to learn skills which will serve them throughout their lives. Chess can also serve as a bridge, bringing together children of different ages, races and genders in an activity they can all enjoy. As of 2013 the foundation has already strated financing the studies of children applying for participation in Chess Palace program.