Judit Polgar: How I beat Fischer's record - "Were I to be banished to a desert isle, this is one of the books I would take with me. Any player rated over 1500 can and will benefit from this gem of a book.  Book of the decade."  - A.Ali "Harkonnen"

„Judit, you’ve really got the eye of the tiger” - enpassant1972

"Judith Polgar rocks the chess world. Keep it up!!!!!!" – Tadartabo

"Judit is a Beast!  No offense to the WGM's but I love the women who are able to compete against the best and hold their own. Good work Polgar." - TacticalKnighmare

"A melhor jogadora da história do xadrez!" - pablito pinheiro machado

"It s not all about computer moves but a Genius chess player attacking in the style of Tal The Great. Go Judit!”  – Gizmo-one

"Ivanchuk cried when he was beaten by young woman Judit Polgar nearly 15 years ago. It take a genius to beat genius." – Zhancraft

"Judith is a little human tornado packed inside a gentle woman. I like that deadly combination.” – chess4capa

"Just saw your video on against Anand...Outstanding!"  - Leopold Lacrimosa

"It's an honour to be on same platform here with the most dynamic female Chess player ever!" - Anuj Rajput 

"I always admired your play." - Adolfo Carballo
"In Chess, Judith is the Beauty AND the Beast!" - Alvaro Frota