So, now looking back from a distance, I enjoyed playing in Istanbul. Especially in the second half I had the feeling that I was playing well already, and my mind was working fine :) What I'm really happy with? Remaining unbeaten, having 5 wins, and the knight endgame I won against Vocaturo, which everybody was claimimg as a dead draw position! But I had my fighting spirit with me in the bag, as always! :)
Istanbul, Here We Come! - Video blog
Getting ready to fight in Istanbul for Hungary with 2 Olympic Champion titles and five olympic gold medals already in the bag from previous tournamentI am excited about the upcoming Olympiad! The first time I competed in a chess Olympiad was 1988 in Thessaloniki as a child representing Hungary in the women's section. I remember how casual and relaxed I was, it was all so natural. I scored 12.5 out of 13 games being the most successful player of the whole Olympiad! What a memory:)! Hungary... more
What a nail-biting tie break! I certainly enjoyed every moment of that play off. Well, the Chess World Championship got to an end. It was a great fight between Anand the Champ since 2008 and the challenger Boris Gelfand. I know both players very well and played with them since the early 90's. It was very interesting for me to see the excellent live coverage of the match on the internet, seeing the two players’ body language. Well, I have to admit, it made me feel, I wanted to be there and... more
ANAND-GELFAND When will the real war begin?
The battle for the crown is getting close to the end. So here is my comments on Game 10 - Very solid game. Yes, because they both know that after losing at this final stage of the match it would be extremely difficult to balance again! It seems that neither player would mind if the match would be 6-6, and then the play offs would decide about the crown. Anand avoided the Svesnikov variation as it happened in game 5. Vishy went to a sideline with 3.Bb5 which he barely ever played in classical... more
Fantastic Video Diary of Brazil Tour
I am happy to share my experience I had in Brazil. I was travelling with a good friend of mine who also happens to be a very talented and successful photographer. You can check out her website to see it with your own eye . I’ glad we had the chance to travel together, because we had a lot of fun. She made a fantastic video of our adventures, which gives you a perfect insight of the Brazilian feeling.  Timi also took a lot of great photos, some of which I already... more
Trip to Brazil
Last week I had a quite exhausting period working on my chess-book. I had to meet tough deadline, so I was working on it day and night. But Volume 1 is done! And I cannot wait to hold the printed version of it in my hands. :)Right after finishing the book, I had to jump on an airplane to travel to Brazil. In the past I visited Brazil, more precisely Sao Paulo, once,  in 1996, when I played a rapid match against Gilberto Milos. I won 2.5 – 1.5. So I have nice memories from here! : )Anyway,... more